Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pardon the blogging delay.... No great excuses! We have been busy with lots of things these days - enjoying the last few days of nice temps before the heat kicks in, birthday parties of Aaron's friends, weddings, more morning sickness (but I think the end is in sight!), and church. So not much of great worth to say but here are a few random pictures....

Aaron likes to pretend to be a "mean guy" and chase me with his toy screwdriver tip. I'm completely unsure of how he came up with this game.

Enjoying the sparkling cider at a wedding - When I gave him a sip and told him it would taste sort of like apple juice, he decided to dub it "Apple Coke."

Getting almost warm enough to be comfortable swimming - Aaron's friend Kailey was over this week and we just had to get out the toy pool....

Aaron has been enjoying his bike so much these days, so we are trying to get a lot of bike rides in. We have a little mile loop we try to do several times a week and we pass an elementary school. He always has to stop and watch the big kids, and he always asks me when he can go to school!
So we are doing well! A lot of people ask me if Aaron wants a brother or sister - he pretty much says every time we ask that he wants a "girl baby." We will see what he gets - end of June we should know for sure! We can't wait!