Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I wanted to document a little bit about Noel....  She really has changed so much over the past few months and I am reminded all the time that my sweet baby girl has grown into a funny, cute, and sassy toddler!

She loves her brother very much and wants to copy everything he does....

She is very much into her babies....

They have all been named (with help from her brother) and they are very well cared for.
Here she is telling us her baby names....

Her vocabulary has exploded.  She surprises me everyday with a new word or expression.  This is so much earlier than Aaron - I guess girls just learn early on how to talk! 

Here is some video of her telling me her colors....

I will have to post some video soon of her swimming.  She has no fear and loves it, just like big brother!  We are so blessed to have Noel in our family!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I am a little late on this report, but just a few weeks ago, this handsome boy turned 5!

We got to have a little party with cousins at Papa and Grammy's house.  One of the main requests was to have a pinata....

...... and a monster truck cake.  Mommy is not super artistic but pulled off an acceptable one. 

I love this picture - the reaction to Aunt Julie's Justin Bieber card that played "Baby Baby".  Oh the pure joy! =)  Probably the most expensive card she ever bought, but a definite hit!

And later that week, Aaron and I took a special date to a local water park, just he and I.  It was a blast to hang out with my buddy all day and enjoy some one-on-one time.  

Some things I want to remember about Aaron at this age:
- He loves his sister so.....  Although he pesters her, and gets frustrated with her getting into his stuff, they love to be together and have lots of fun.  
- He still is a fish and loves the water.  He swims so well now!  We have enjoyed watching Michael Phelps and practicing our racing skills in the pool.
- He asks good theological questions and wants to understand God and His ways.  When we read his Bible, he always manages to come up with a question that intrigues me.  An example being, "Mom why did Jesus HAVE to die on the cross?  God can do anything so why did He make Jesus do that?"
- He loves music and amazes me at how quickly he can learn a tune and the words that go with it!  We have to sing a selected song before going to bed at night - lately it fluctuates between "Joy to the World", "Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus", or "He Washed it White as Snow." 
- It is his main goal to make people laugh and have a good time.  He is all about being fun and relational....  Pretty much every meal I have to remind him to stop being silly and eat.
- He was such a terrible sleeper as a baby and little toddler, but ironically he still takes naps quite regularly!
- He loves to get out and do things - Even if it is a trip to Kohl's or the grocery store with mom, it is way better than staying home.
- He has made this mama grow and trust in God unlike anything else - I pray that He continues to grow  into a man that loves God and wants to know Him more!