Saturday, July 31, 2010

3 year old

Aaron turned three this past Thursday and we pretty much partied all week....
Cousin Brynn was headed out of town so we went out to Peter Piper to celebrate Aaron's and her birthday which is a week after Aaron's.

Aaron got some very exciting toys and fun things - here are just a few....

We had a little party with family and just a couple of Aaron's little buddies. Aaron wanted to invite everyone he knew from his Sunday school teachers to our band at church, but we knew it would be best to keep it small and not overwhelm him too badly.... Or overwhelm Mommy =)

My dear cousin, Julie and I are in pregnancy "bliss" together and our due dates are only a week apart. It is fun and a blessing to share in this with her.....
Do you think our outfits are a prediction of gender? =) Neither one of us know yet - Julie by choice not wanting to find out and us, not so much by choice but because of a modest baby.... Stayed tuned!

All the kids got to do lots of swimming.

Papa Bob's fountain was very entertaining as well:
They even did some swim races - click HERE to see them in action.

Aaron had a great time and loved all the attention. We are beyond blessed to parent this little boy over the past 3 years, and are so grateful that the Lord gave him to us!!! Happy birthday Aaron!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Florida Trip 2010

We were off to Fort Myers, Florida, this past week to spend some time with Lee's parents and sister and husband. Prepare for picture overload - we had lots of fun....

Making cupcakes with Gi Gi for a little early bday celebration - Aaron will be 3 in a few short weeks!

Taking off for a fun ride in Papa's corvette - "It's a wreawey fast caw, Mama!"

Uncle Spencer and Aunt Heidi:
And Jill the dog:
Aaron bonded with Jill and told me later he wanted a dog. I reminded him that they make Daddy sick and he said, "Daddy could go bye bye and Mommy and Aaron have a dog?" I laughed so hard - Lee was a little indignant at the comment =)

The guys always hang out lots in the garage making acrylic and wooden pens when we come. Aaron insisted this trip that he wanted his own green pen.... So Papa "helped" him....
He was sooooo proud of it and wants to use it all the time!
Here's a shot of all the pens Lee made for some friends:
Aaron got to go miniature golfing for the first time.....

And of course, we got to have lots and lots of beach and ocean time. It was so fun to see Aaron really enjoy playing in the water and digging in the sand. He really loved it!

This particular activity was one he did over and over again....

Papa and Gi Gi took us all out to Bahama Breeze, an amazing seafood restaurant, on our last night and the weather was pleasant enough (though I still say humid!) for us to sit outside and listen to the live music. As you know by now, Aaron is in heaven whenever there is music to watch and listen to. Click HERE for some some video of his dancing talent.

Afterward, we did one last trip to the beach and it was so gorgeous to see the sunset over the water. The water is so amazingly warm on the Gulf.....
The tide was out and we were amazed to discover hundreds of hermit crabs scrambling to get back out into the deeper waters. We had to catch some for fun (Don't worry we let them go afterward) and it was so fun. I don't know who enjoyed it more, me or Aaron. =) It was fascinating!!!!

Probably our last trip for awhile since our newest addition is arriving this fall. Thank you for a great week Papa and Gi Gi!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

We had the awesome privilege of attending a local fire work show in Apache Junction (for you non-locals, a city of "interesting culture" that borders Mesa particularly close to our church). Before the show, they had a huge carnival-like time with games and blows up for kids, live band, and different booths to visit that advertised different companies. Our church got to do a booth and it was awesome to connect with the community.....

Throughout the evening, we handed out 2000 Otter Pops free to anyone who walked up! Okay, 1998 because Aaron ate two. Okay, I had one too - 1997....
I stole this pic of Aaron and his friend Charlotte from my friend Rilie as they entertained her baby, Ivy. I just thought it was cool and unique =)

We stayed up late afterward to watch the fireworks - Aaron loved the show and having his glow sticks to throw around....
One hilarious moment I have to share.... But let me precede it with the fact that Aaron has been noticing different skin tones in people, especially Hispanics as there are many here in AZ! As we were watching the show, Aaron asked who was making the fireworks. I told him it was some guys that were beyond the trees and we couldn't see them. He then followed up with "They Mexicans, Mama?" I have NO IDEA where this came from, seriously.