Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Well, over a month later, I am finally getting around to posting these pics from Uncle Chad and Aunt Lyndsey's wedding and our trip to South Bend, Indiana!

It was nice to meet up with Gi Gi and Papa...

 And Aunt Heidi and Uncle Spencer....

The happy couple and Noel as flower girl....

Noel did so well on wedding day!  She performed beautifully, and was quick to point out when she was behaving and the ring bearer wasn't =)  

Another great thing about the trip was meeting up and seeing our old friends from when we lived in South Bend...  It had been 9 years since seeing people!  We stayed with our friends Steve and Diane Meck, and it was great to catch up with them and stay up late every night.

And they had a basement for the kids to run wild in - Aaron and Noel found a new love, air hockey, or as Noel called it, "Hee hock! You play Hee hock wiv me, guys?"  

It was a great trip and a great wedding!