Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Since we are a bit late to find out what we were having, I have felt a sense of urgency in getting ready for this little girl to be born into our family. Even though I am only 29 weeks, and I technically have lots of time, I still want to get things done while I can! I am steering clear of buying much right now, but had to give in to this clearance item at Gymboree.....

This "little girl shopping" is a whole new world for us, and quite fun. Many people ask me if I wanted a girl or wanted another boy, and when I was first pregnant, I would have said I wanted another boy. But as time has worn on and my intuition kept saying it was a girl, I have found my heart really changing and getting excited about a girl. By the morning of the ultra sound, I realized that I might actually be disappointed if it was not a girl, something I never expected to feel!

At any rate, it is also nice to begin prepping Aaron more specifically for the coming change. I know he is still in for somewhat of a rude awakening, but I think he has some genuine excitement for a coming sister. So we are beginning to empty out our extra room and pull out some of the baby stuff.... Aaron decided his monkey needed to try out the baby swing.
Also, we seem to have settled on a name....

One other thing we are preparing for is school. Aaron will be attending the same preschool where my mom has taught at for 20+ years, Trinity Preschool. He got to meet his teacher last week and so far, so good! =) Here he is proudly displaying his t-shirt....
It will only be one morning a week and is mostly for social purposes, but another big step for my big boy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


We crossed a huge milestone this week and celebrated the one year anniversary of Harvest's Grand Opening. It has been a rewarding and challenging first year, but it was soooo fun today to "party" and reflect on all that God has done! Happy 1 year bday Harvest!

In the late afternoon, we closed off the celebration day with a baptism and pool party....
The pastors of movie church =) (At some point, I will post their historical rap performance from this morning)

It was especially exciting and encouraging for Lee and I to watch a couple that we have recently become close friends with that are newer to Harvest be baptized.....
It is in these moments that our purpose and focus becomes clear, and that I find myself humbled and blessed to be witness to such exciting miracles and life change. For me personally, the life of a pastor's wife even in this past year has presented strong emotions and challenges, and sometimes even the question of "is it worth it"? I know that without a doubt that it is, and we are so grateful for our Harvest Community and the work that God has done. To Him be the glory!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Aaron loves his Sunday morning class at church, and I do too.... They take such good and patient care of him and teach him things like THIS (click to see).

Also, speaking of God, Aaron and I had an interesting conversation at lunch the other that went a little like this....

Aaron: "Mom, can I have some coke?"
This is generally a question that is asked several times a day. Always working me for it. I replied with a "No, not now."
A few minutes later....
Aaron: "Mama, Jesus is nice?"
Me: "Yes, Jesus is very nice. He loves you."
Aaron: "Mama, Jesus like coke?"
It caught me off guard and I laughed and said, "Well, he probably does like coke," since "coke" to Aaron refers to any carbonated beverage.
Aaron: "Mama, Jesus is nice and gives coke to people? To kids too?"
I'm no dummy. I think he was insinuating that if I was nice like Jesus, I would give him some coke..... =)