Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aaron's 4 year old bday party

Since Mommy and Noel are headed to Wisconsin this week, we had to squeeze in a quick birthday party for Aaron. Nice and simple with just our family, but so much fun! Can't believe he is almost 4!
Aaron with his sweet cousins, Noah and Caleb. So happy these boys are such good friends.

The baby cousins, Noel and Lincoln.... Hopefully they will become fast friends too =)
We did lots of swimming.... This is Aaron's new found love at Grammy and Papa Bob's pool, jumping off the stacked deck boxes....

Finished off the night reading with Papa Bob. Good celebration all around!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Florida 2011

We are back from a two week vacation in Florida and we had a great time visiting Gi Gi, Papa Tim, Uncle Spencer and Auntie Heidi. Let's get to some pics, shall we?

When we landed in Fort Myers, the pilot let Aaron sit in the captain's chair - something we weren't sure they were allowed to do anymore. He loved it!

We went to Professional Bull Riding rodeo which was quite the experience. It is really something to see in person those cowboys riding those huge crazy bulls. Aaron always says he wants to be a cowboy when he gets big, so when I asked him afterward if he wanted to still be one, he said yes but he wasn't "gonna ride dos mean cows - only wide horsies." Such wisdom. =)

We spent lots and lots of mornings at the beach. Aaron enjoyed swimming, looking for shells and building sand castles....
Noel enjoyed it most of the time so long as Mommy was near.... And ladies, thunder thighs are totally in this year so wear them proudly....

We had a little bday party for Aaron while there....

It was a good trip - Thanks Papa Tim and Gi Gi!
Oh yes - and Noel is soooo close to crawling, but just won't commit fully. But this is a new regular habit of hers now and I'm told that I used to do the exact same thing when I was a baby....

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th

Grammy and Papa Bob kept Noel at their house so we could go out and party a little.... The city puts on a big event so Aaron had lots of fun running around with his friends on the bounce houses and visiting the booths.

Unfortunately a storm rolled in right as we were sitting down to enjoy the fireworks so it was canceled. Aaron handled the disappointment like a champ and said he still had fun. Hard to be upset when you live in the best country in the world, which is what this day is all about! Happy 4th Everyone!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Singer

I know I post a lot of video of Aaron singing and playing the guitar.... So what's one more amongst friends. =) This is one of his favorite songs from church. It gets more entertaining in the last half.... He needs a little help with the lyrics...

This kid is always singing... Good thing his sister loves it.

And so Noel won't be left out, some video of her.... And also proof of how funny I am =)