Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Days

This poor neglected blog..... Sigh. Life has been so full these past few weeks! Lee left and returned safely on a trip to India and we survived the 8 days without him. The kids were so happy to have Daddy back....

Noel is growing and changing so much. She is not walking yet, and I observe that she really doesn't feel the need to be that adventurous. She loves to walk around the house pushing her shopping cart. I'm looking forward to a future shopping buddy....

It's hard to document all of the things she is doing these days - her understanding has exploded and she knows so much of what we say now. She is so fun and expressive.....

(She also exploded with 4 more teeth this month! That brings the total to 8 with a few more in sight)

Lee and Aaron did a big project and made a big wooden fort in the backyard.....

And Aaron is in love.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Timothy 4:12

One day after school, Aaron's teacher commented to me that she had to talk to him a little bit about being a good leader - in other words, he was causing some mischief and rounding his classmates up with him in it. We have noticed this "leadership" before, especially when he is among his younger friends. Of course, our desire would be to help him to use his leadership for good, and to lead others in the right way. It has been a bit hard to explain that to a 4 year old, but we decided that memorizing I Timothy 4:12 would be a good start..... I vividly remember instances in my own childhood in which my parents used Scripture to teach me - the Word of God is powerful and effective! So with a little bribe of a trip to Target to get an airplane if he memorized it, he got it in about a week and a half.

We were so proud! Now if he can make our joy complete and put it into practice =)

"Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young. Be an example for others by what you say and do, also by your love, faith, and purity."
(I Timothy 4:12)