Sunday, January 24, 2010

Steppin' on up to the Microphone

Aaron noticed on TV that typically, people that play guitar also sing into a microphone. He has a little toy mic, but not a stand. So as you will see below, apparently, it's become my job to hold it....

He's very serious about his singing. He even writes his own songs with creative subject matter:

Can you tell what we've been working on at our house this week? =) We've also put in an order to Papa Bob to weld a little microphone stand to free up some of my time....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Some of our Favorite Peeps....

This past weekend, we had a kid-free dinner out to Claim Jumpers with our leadership (pastor/elder) team from Harvest. It was nice to get out together - often times when we see each other on Sunday mornings, there is barely time for a "hello", much less a "how are you doing?"

These people are so special to Lee and I, and we are pretty much like family together. We have already been through a lot together in this church plant journey - We've cried, laughed hard, fought, argued, confronted, loved, biked, and bonded with each other through a LOT of things. We are so grateful for each one of them and that God brought them to us.

And of course, Aaron has some favorite people himself....
Cousins Noah and Caleb are always fun to run around with.
These three cousins with a year between each of them are really enjoying the times they have together - It brings so much joy to watch them play hard and love being together.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just for fun

Just a few shots from the last few days.....

Monday mornings are study mornings for my dad. We went over to do some cleaning for my mom and as I was trying to keep Aaron out of my dad's hair so that he actually COULD study, Aaron told me he wanted to "Duh-dy" like Papa Bob....
Had to have the glasses and everything as he poured over the Greek - The preacher in him is already coming out....

Aaron also discovered one of my brothers old football helmets and now he has to wear it when we play catch with the football.

Aaron's favorite song that he learned in Sunday school:
Translation: "Read read read your Bible! God wants us to know that it is His special Word, and He loves us SO." Getting closer and closer to that point of salvation I think! =)

And finally, I put this on facebook, but just in case you didn't catch it....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Florida Trip

We spent the past week visiting Lee's family in Fort Myers, Florida - Always nice to get away from the routine of life and spend time with them....

Unfortunately, we only got one day on the beach due to Florida's unseasonably cold weather.... Grrrr..... But Aaron loved the "whoah bo" - He came out chattering every five minutes but always wanted to go back for more.

The best thing for me personally going away on vacation is getting help keeping Aaron entertained. He had PLENTY of people around to play and interact with: Uncle Chad and his guitar,
Songs and diet coke from Gi Gi,
Aunt Heidi and Uncle Spencer,
And working in the garage with Papa Tim.
Didn't get a lot of pics - Just spent a lot of time together and being low maintenance. A few funny stories from our time.....

* Plane rides are always an adventure with a toddler boy; at the beginning of one flight, the stewardess finished her speech about the safety features and when she concluded, Aaron yelled out a resounding, "AMEN!"

* Speaking of plane rides, during one moment in which his wiggles became too much, Aaron chucked a magazine up to the ceiling, which in turn, landed on an open tray spilling the man's drink behind us. Sigh.... Actually, this really wasn't that funny to me, but everyone I tell it to seems to crack up.

* My mother and father in law are heavy drinkers - of diet coke that is. =) Aaron is a little beggar and always manages to manipulate a few sips when someone opens one up. When someone asked him if he liked going to Gi Gi's house he said, "Yes! Diet Coke!"

* We have used the expression "Sometimes that happens" several times with Aaron to explain accidents of various sorts, i.e. spilling a drink, hitting your head, etc. When on a walk, we passed a nice little pile of doggy poo and Aaron pointed it out with a "Ew Mama, poo poo!" This was then followed by a shrug and "Happens Mama." Oh does it..... =)