Thursday, September 24, 2009

Random pics

Yeah.... We don't get much personal space with this little boy.

Not sure why Aaron resumed this position with my oven mitt for his pillow.

Coloring with his second cousins Noah and Caleb

Discussing life over goldfish in their underwear.

The cousins. And yes, it is what it seems; Owen, at 3.5 months, IS almost as big as both of these two year olds.

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Movie Church"

Something that I have gained new perspective on GREATLY since becoming a parent is the childcare provided at a church; It is a huge bonus for a parent to feel comfortable dropping their child off somewhere where they will be cared by others and out of their immediate sight, which I'm sure you all can attest to!

Aaron has always had difficulty being dropped off and staying in nursery in his short little life and it is always something we seem to be working through, esp. the last few months of transition out of R.M.C.C. and into Harvest. (Many of you have gotten to witness and experience the brunt of his wrath in childcare) It was a point of stress for me, because really, we don't have a choice - with the responsibilities Lee and I have on a Sunday morning, Aaron just HAS to stay put in there. And not only stay put, but be happy so I'm not stressing about how he is wearing out the children's workers!!! =)

Fortunately for us, Harvest has an awesome children's pastor in Brian Baker who has established an amazing group of volunteers for Sunday mornings.

You can't really see Aaron in this pic, but this is a shot of Aaron's "Clubhouse Kids" classroom at "Movie church" (his title for Harvest). He has come to LOVE his time in this class every Sunday morning and I can't say enough what a relief it is to see him have fun and be happy, as well as hear and learn about the Bible.

Here is a picture of Aaron with one of his teachers named Kathy, who he has grown quite attached too:
Um... let's try not picking our nose for the nice picture, Aaron...

There. That's better.

A few weeks ago, they talked about Daniel and the Lion's Den and made lion masks....

Aaron had to carry his mask EVERYWHERE with him for the next several days. He was so proud of it....

These children's workers minister directly to my son, but in effect, they minister to me at the same time because they take such great care of him. I am so grateful for them!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Choose to Obey

Just a little brain-washing tactic that we are not afraid of.....

He LOVES to recite this frequently, even umprompted. And in the meantime, we are continuing to work on backing this simple statement up with our actions. =)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day in Pinetop

We decided at the last minute to take a quick trip up to Pinetop and escape the heat after church on Sunday..... It was so nice to get out and enjoy cooler temps.

Our friends, the Emeneckers, had the same idea so we got to meet up with them also. Aaron loved having a little friend in Kailey....

My grandparents also stay up there for most of the summer so we had a good visit with them.

And now..... Back to the heat and back to reality. =)